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Getting started with your Sure-Set

The Sure-Set improves your range of movement, flexibility, external awareness and consistency.


Follow these four steps to calibrate your Sure-Set:

Step 1

There are two different hinge positions to choose from marked (1) and (2) (see *WHAT HINGE?, below, for a description of how to choose the right hinge setting for you). Loosen the screw slightly to adjust the hinge to your preference and then tighten securely.


Choose the hinge setting that moves you toward your desired pattern. If you feel you over-hinge, use HINGE SETTING 1 and if you are looking to increase hinge, use HINGE SETTING 2.


3/4 swing

This setting will create less hinge, giving the sensation of more width (around 70-degree wrist set).


Full swing

This setting will generate a more traditional 90-degree wrist set. Make sure you keep looking down.

Step 2

Grip the Sure-Set in your left hand (the training grip will allow for the correct hold) and with your free right hand, position the ball end at the base of the crease between your upper left arm and chest.

Step 3

Adjust the shaft length via the fastener so that your left arm is extended but not uncomfortably straight. Return the arms to hang vertically into your athletic address position.

Step 4

Add your right hand to the grip, making sure that the butt of the grip is pointing towards your left thigh. Take a few moments to feel your set position and you will be ready for the backswing move.

You should feel the sensation of the torso and hands working together

The Backswing

In an effective golf swing, we must blend wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn, whilst maintaining a wide swing radius. Sure-Set will help you learn this powerful backswing move.

Step 1

Adopt your golf address position as if you were hitting a mid-iron. Notice the handle leaning slightly forward.

Step 2

Create a hammer hinge so that the ball end of the Sure-Set touches the crease formed between the upper left arm and chest.

Step 3

Rehearse the rotation of the forearms.

Step 4

Blend your forearm rotation and shoulder turn whilst looking down at an imaginary ball. This will ensure you hold the correct spine angle as you turn.

Use Sure-Set as your constant companion to reinforce the correct sensations


How to start the downswing

The transition between backswing and downswing is a key move. The Sure-Set will enable you to establish your first move down without destroying your accumulated stored power (casting and throwing). Follow these two small moves:


Simply uncoil from the floor (pelvis back to square, allowing the arms to fall softly with the grip pressure light).


Make sure both thumbs are still pointing behind your right shoulder as you move down to reach the halfway down position.

Never swing beyond halfway down


Start with a few slow-motion swings to familiarise yourself with the feel of the Sure-Set. Work up to full, smooth swings.

As the Sure-Set is designed to work on your backswing and downswing only, there’s no need to swing through to a full finish.

With the correct backswing and transition sensations, the golf club will automatically swish freely through impact, creating speed at the right time.

Notice my right shoulder is lower than my left

Stage 2

Once you have mastered the backswing and transition it is now important to feel the orientation of the takeaway from a traditional set-up position. Your next move is to learn how to blend the hinge as you start your swing. This exercise will become your master move as it relates to the starting position of the swing.

Step 1

Start with the shaft of the Sure-Set pointing down at the base of the swing in your address position.

Rehearse the take-away through to step 2.

Step 2

Ensure the ball touches between the upper left arm and chest, between half (early set) and three-quarters (late set) of your backswing.

Remember to keep looking down at your imaginary golf ball.

Step 3

Make this move slowly as this is a key sensation to get correct.

See Sure-Set as your constant companion that’s reinforcing the correct sensations


It’s all about repetition and ratio. The Sure-Set works on the principle of proprioception (which is the brain’s ability to sense movement and positions within joints). Regular training reinforces these feelings to the point they become habit (automatic).

The more you can work on it the better. Little and often is key to making effective, long-lasting pattern change.