How the Sure-Set Works


The Expert Explanation

By Dan Frost

The Sure-Set improves your range of movement, flexibility, external awareness and consistency. The Sure-Set creates a constant radius to your swing matching up the journey of the arms, club and torso rotation. It enables you to blend the mixture of wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn as you coil around a solid foundation.

It works with the individual flexion of your wrists to create a set that establishes a constant radius from sternum-level to the top of the left wrist.

The Sure-Set is versatile giving options on a later early set, referencing the contact point between the upper left arm and chest (the crease formed at address).

It works around the concept that the directional force of the hinge is towards the left arm, not the middle, straight up and down (hammer action) with the pre-set training grip encouraging right hand bend and forward shaft lean at address.


This, in turn, establishes an accumulation of leverage in the right arm and scapula as you load the backswing. This sets the club into a position that encourages the correct automated uncoiling motion.

The Sure-Set works as a great assistant in learning the kinematic chain of the downswing, allowing the accumulated leverage to be stored as you uncoil from the floor: pelvis-trunk-lead arm.

The versatility suits many different swing models from one/two plane to A-swing and stack and tilt, with the common denominator being the radius. This allows coaches/players to be creative in the drill stage. In addition, it provides great reference and exercises that correct strong motor patterns, for example, using different reference points to create sets that allow the player to work on exaggerated planes, widths and configuration of set with many different drills. It also allows for a learning experience that is not too analytical (left-sided). The Sure-Set fits more into the feel or motion category creating freedom and free-flowing delivery (right-side).

Ultimately, the Sure-Set works through proprioception, allowing players to improve their flow motion and automated delivery of the club in impact. Think of a child learning to ride a bike. We do not film the falling off and then suggest how to fall off a little less. We either support the child by holding the back of the seat or supply training wheels. I believe the load phase of the golf swing is the most over-confused movement in golf. The Sure-Set is simply the training wheels on the bicycle!

“To feel is to understand, to repeat is to own.” Dan Frost, 2015

The Sure-Set Golf Training Aid Will Help You Learn Key Stages of the Golf Swing

Correct forearm rotation and the 9-inch journey of the left shoulder as you coil against a solid lower half.

The skill of hinging your wrists correctly in the backswing.

And most importantly…the correct kinematic sequence to your swing – how to initiate the uncoiling of the body from the ground up.

The Sure-Set is fitted with a golf training grip to help set your hands in the correct position at address. It works as a fantastic warm up device before you tee off, getting your swing sequence correct.

It improves your range of movement without having to spend hours stretching and it acts as a constant reminder of how a good backswing should feel.

A Portable Golf Companion

The Sure-Set is a great aid for coaches, players and business people. It’s size and weight allow for it to be transported in hand luggage benefitting players at tournaments and giving them a simple way of killing time in hotel rooms. This allows for a little and often approach. It is globally agreed that regular quality practice will always aid in the development of movement.



 “Working with Sure-Set has totally transformed my practice routine. It has made swing changes simple. I love the fact that I can take the Sure-Set training aid with me anywhere I travel and can use it in my hotel room. It’s so simple and after just a few sessions the new swing move will become second nature. Sure-Set has totally transformed my game and I now simply use it to reinforce the good backswing feeling before hitting balls.”Ben Taylor – England Squad & NCAA Player of the Year“I have always struggled to find a method of bottling the feeling of the correct backswing position. I’m shown how to make the move correctly in the lesson but that feeling soon fades away after I leave. The Sure-Set training aid allows me to bottle that correct backswing, ensuring that I make the right moves, in the right sequence. It is really easy to use and makes practice fun. My routine is now so simple, yet really effective. My handicap has come down from 2 to +2 in the six months of working with Sure Set and is still falling…”Tom Robson – Dorset County Champion

“When I first started working on my swing mechanics with Dan my backswing was way off-plane and my game was inconsistent forcing me to guide my shots,” explains England International Jack Singh-Brar. “After training with the Sure-Set I am now free through impact, and feel at a whole new level with my ball control. My fairways and greens in regulation are the best they have ever been.”

Jack Singh-Brar – England International

“The beauty of the Sure-Set is that you can use it as an alternative to stretching. It’s a fantastic warm-up device before you tee off, it improves your range of movement and leaves you swinging the club like you’re in your twenties again. I love it!”

European Senior Tour player Malcolm MacKenzie

“I first encountered the Sure-Set whilst on the range at the 2014 BMW PGA Championship. At a glance I thought it was just another ‘quick fix’ arm and hand positioning training aid. Dan Frost asked me to try it and I was instantly surprised and impressed at what I felt. The overall sense of being more torqued against the ground and being loaded led to the desire to investigate the Sure-Set properly with some R&D back at my academy.

“With the use of K-Vest 3D, SAM Balance Lab, high speed video and Trackman we tested the Sure-Set with 10 players* over a two-week period to see what commonalities and features we could find. With all of the players we tested, there were significant improvements in their kinematic sequences. This was mainly due to the Sure-Set’s key strength, which is increased ground force through a tighter COG.

Common swing faults such as flat shoulder plane, reverse spine angle and over-rotation were diminished. We also witnessed increased X-Factor stretch and pelvic acceleration rates and an average ball speed gain across the board.”

TPI Certified Instructor Jason Floyd

An Explanar Certified Product

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