Inventing the Sure-Set

“To Feel is to Understand, to Repeat is to Own” Dan Frost

The Sure-Set was invented by one of the UK’s leading PGA Professionals Dan Frost: “The Sure-Set started life through an idea I had to help a recurring swing fault. I wanted golfers to feel true width and match up their arms and turn. The first Sure-Set I made was crafted from wood and bound together using materials from a DIY store. After building a few and seeing amazing results I soon had people asking if they could have one and so the business was born.”

Dan wanted to transform the learning experience for golfers from an analytical one, that is often complicated by technical thoughts and confusion into something very simple that they could feel and repeat with clarity.

“I designed the Sure-Set to help golfers establish a better understanding of the golf swing. To learn a new movement in the swing you need to establish a new motor pattern. This is a movement that will eventually function automatically. This process only happens through extreme repetition, creating the chemical myelin which enhances the neural pathway/connection until it is more prominent than the previous move. The Sure-Set is the perfect way of increasing your opportunity to practice little and often, ensuring that you can transition to your new swing efficiently with lasting effects.

The beauty of the Sure-Set is that it works for many different types and styles of swings (from one/two-plane to A-swing and stack and tilt), as it can be set-up with different configurations and widths for use with a variety of drills. It is versatile, giving options for an early or late set, working with the individual flexion of a player’s wrists to establish a constant radius, the common denominator to all great swings. It acts as a continual reminder of how your bio-mechanically correct swing move should feel.”



Sure-Set on Tour

The Sure-Set has been adopted by many of the world’s leading players for their warm-up and practice routines. Players from all major Tours including the European, Ladies, Seniors, Challenge, and PGA Tour. It also has prolific use amongst the amateur ranks, having representation in over 30 US College Teams.

LPGA Tour professional Christina Kim is among many professionals who have worked with the Sure-Set

Keep the badge on your golf club facing away from the target and rotate to the top of the backswing. Keeping a straight left arm you’ll have great width and be on a perfect plane.

PGA Tour professional Jason Dufner (above), European Tour professional Miguel Angel Jimenez (left) and LET Rookie Georgia Hall (below) working with the Sure-Set with inventor & PGA Professional Dan Frost.

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